Research project aims to prepare grape growers for climate change

Adelaide University is conducting a research project which aims to help grape growers prepare for changing climatic conditions.

The one-hectare vineyard called the Vineyard of the Future, which is located at the Adelaide University's Waite campus, will employ a host of sensors to measure vine performance under changing climatic conditions as reported by ABC News.

Researcher, Professor Steve Tyerman says that the technology will provide invaluable data on the growth of the vines.

"We're talking about using imaging techniques, and special sensors that are on the vines to tell us what they're actually up to, and how much water they're using, how much photosynthesis is occurring, and this could all be transmitted back to a central control point where somebody could be sitting at a computer screen."

Professor Tyerman believes that the new technology will help grape growers make more informed decisions by allowing them to respond to adverse weather condition more effectively.  


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