Want to maximise energy efficiency for your enclosure cooling?

energy efficiency

The world’s most efficient cooling unit solution from Rittal can help to increase energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of your machines and systems. Rittal’s Blue e+ product family offers solutions for all applications and requirements.

Meet the Rittal Blue e+ family of cooling units

Thinking about how to maximise your company’s energy efficiency and significantly reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint?

Back in 2015, Rittal launched Blue e+, the world’s most energy efficient range of cooling units. The innovative design reduces energy consumption by an average of 75%, helping to cut costs as well as improve sustainability.

Blue e+ S now available in smaller output categories

This unique range of cooling units now includes the Blue e+ S for smaller output categories from 0.3 to 1 kW, with additional smart functions, improved sustainability and a fresh new look.

The Rittal Blue e+ S is:

  • More sustainable with a new refrigerant
  • More reliable with LED optical fibres for immediate identification of the device status
  • More flexible thanks to multi-voltage capabilities and international approvals

Learn more about the Rittal Blue e+ here.

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