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Riversdale Farm Organic Australia Drizzle

Product name: Drizzle

Product manufacturer: Riversdale Farm Organic Australia

Product manager: Sue McKenzie

Packaging: Kris Muir from KMD Creative

Shelf life: 24 months

Ingredients: Riversdale Organic Farm Tangy Orange Drizzle: Organic Australian Oranges (55%), Imported Organic Sugar

Brand website: https://www.riversdalefarmorganic.com.au

What the company says
Bursting with fresh flavours, Riversdale Farm Organic Australia’s range of Drizzles will encourage everyone from the experienced chef to the baking novice to add a dash of organic citrus in the kitchen this summer.

Riversdale Farm Organic Australia’s Drizzles are an entirely new creation that can simply be poured over anything and everything to add zesty flavours to sweet or savoury dishes.

The Drizzles are created with fresh fruit, picked less than 24 hours before production from the Riversdale Farm orchard to provide a product with an unbeatable flavour.

Sue McKenzie, the owner of Riversdale Farm and co-founder of the Riversdale Farm Organic Australia range believes it is important for every product to be made from the freshest and most premium ingredients.

“At Riversdale Farm we have a ‘Tree to Table’ philosophy, which means all Riversdale Farm Organic Australia products are so fresh it tastes like the fruit has just been plucked from the orchard.

“The Mediterranean climate and rich but sandy soils make Riversdale Farm the perfect place to grow the best quality organic citrus fruit,” said Sue McKenzie.


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