Robatech walks the Thin Green Line of Generation Green

Breakthrough technology enabling customers to decrease the energy consumption of their hot glue applicators by up to 17 percent has positioned global glueing technology leader Robatech as a leader of the “Green Generation”.

Robatech Australia Managing Director Charles Graham said the groundbreaking technology of Robatech’s Greenline energy-efficient Concept hotmelters made them the greenest on the market.

“For more than 35 years Robatech has strived to produce the most energy-efficient equipment on the market – long before green technology became buzz words,” Mr Graham said.

“Our latest Greenline Concept hotmelters are at the cutting edge of energy-efficient technology and have made Robatech the champions of ‘Generation Green’.”

Mr Graham said the secret behind the Greenline series’ energy-efficient performance was the combination of a heated hose with the Robatech’s unique fully-insulated SX Diamond applicator head, launched as a world’s first at the 2008 Interpack exhibition.

“This groundbreaking technology, which is unique to Robatech, means users can decrease the energy consumption of their hotmelt glue applicators by up to 17 percent, thus saving them money and increasing their green credentials,” he said.

“No other similar product on the market can make this claim and it is more important than ever for businesses, especially in areas such as packaging and manufacturing, to be able to demonstrate their green credentials.

“To show that you are striving to improve energy consumption levels makes good business sense on all levels – from saving money to increasing your customer base.

“In a business climate where customers are increasingly making decisions based on a company’s green credentials, being part of the green generation is critical to a business’ long-term sustainability.”

Mr Graham said the Greenline products’ energy-saving capabilities were based on the exact analysis Robatech carried out in-house for each component.

“We determined where the overall system emits the most heat and then insulated these areas specifically,” he said.

“From the applicator head over the hose, right through to the hotmelter, we carefully investigated all appliance components for their energy consumption and heat losses.



…2/ Robatech walks the Thin Green Line

“This enabled us to determine which areas we needed to address to increase the product’s energy efficiency.”

Mr Graham said the first step was the design of Robatech’s groundbreaking fully-insulated SX Diamond applicator head.

“On its own the SX Diamond applicator head consumes 60 percent less energy than its predecessors,” he said.

“Once we had perfected this technology, we turned to the framework of our Greenline products and exchanged the existing 8mm hoses for 6mm hoses – which further reduced energy consumption.

“Add to this the special insulation of the melting tank in our Concept hotmelters, and the cover over the adhesive distributor, and we are able to reduce our energy consumption by up to 17 percent compared with other hotmelt applicator systems.”

Mr Graham said a further plus of the applicator head’s insulation system was increased safety for operations staff.

“Through using the Robatech system, the danger of personal injury such as burns is greatly reduced,” he said.

Mr Graham said late last year Robatech introduced the Greenline execution, including the special insulation, to the five and eight litre Concept hotmelt series – all at the same price as preceding models.

“These are the best-selling products in Robatech’s Concept range so we wanted to start with them,” he said

“We are now working on adapting the Greenline insulation technology to larger tanks and will also provide these at no additional charge in the near future.

“Manufacturing companies and their customers world-wide are coming under increasing pressure to look at their operations’ environmental impact and investigate ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

“Those companies who take the lead in implementing new technologies will come out as clear winners as the time is approaching when measuring carbon output and implementing ways to reduce it will be essential rather than optional to good business practice.

“If change costs little and saves much there is really no excuse for not becoming a part of Generation Green.

“There are those who may not like change, but they will like irrelevance even less.”

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