Roberts Mart launches new product into Australian packaging market

UK manufacturer, Roberts Mart, launches a new product to improve disposal of home compostable flexible packaging materials.

Renowned UK flexible packaging manufacturer Roberts Mart is entering the Australian market with the launch of a new product set to improve disposal of home compostable flexible packaging materials.

BiyoTM is a home compostable packaging mono material that can be run on conventional packing lines. Roberts Mart has invested significantly into developing the mono material, aimed specifically at the Australian packaging market and designed to offer an environmentally friendly product with excellent heat sealability.

Having passed both the EN13432 European Standard and the Australian AS5810-2010 Standard, which includes a worm test, BiyoTM is fully ABA certified as Home Compostable. The Australian Standard requires the compostable film to be Toxin free for worms and disintegrate after 12 weeks and completely biodegrade after six months.

Compostable packaging is made from biodegradable materials such as vegetable starch which replace traditional oil-based materials, this then breaks down naturally and decomposes into nutrient rich compost, aided by fungi, bacteria and enzymes.

Developed and produced in the UK, this printed film material is operator and machine friendly and performs very well on a wide range of flow wrap and form, fill and seal lines. Exhibiting a wide operating window, the film requires minimal line adjustments. Designed for foods with short shelf life, the film has good transparency so that the product packed inside is clearly visible.

“Roberts Mart has always been about innovation, seeking out options for our customers that are both sustainable, viable and cost-effective. We are very excited to be launching our new BiyoTM film from our first overseas office based in Northern Rivers NSW,” commented Roberts Mart marketing director, Ben Roberts.

“Having now received both accreditations the product will be launched into the Australian market over the next few months.”

The Australia office will be headed up by Peter Cumberlege, who has an extensive background and career history in sales, predominately in the packaging industry both international and locally. Over the last seven years he has focused on the Home Compostable flexible market.

Consumer awareness of Home Composting in Australia is growing. End users now understand that the ABA Home Compostable Certification confirms that the product breaks down correctly and gives a better organic breakdown than standard plastics reaching landfill

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