Robotic palletising system wins APMA award

Foodmach, a provider of material movement solutions, won an Australian Packaging Machinery Association (APMA) design award for the Robomatrix, a high-speed palletising system.

The award was presented at AUSPACK and received by the system’s principle inventor Peter Marks.

The Robomatrix system was developed in response to an industry-wide need for increased flexibility and speed to handle the introduction of new and more complex packaging configurations.

Seeing the system work at AUSPACK was impressive.

It is controlled from a central control panel, where the user can input the specifics of a job including the pattern of the palletising.

As an analogy for how the Robomatrix system works, Foodmach recalled to mind the game Tetris.

In other words, the system incorporates robotic pattern forming.

Robotic tools and software make Robomatrix easy to use.

Foodmach national marketing and sales manager Dr Robert Stojanovich said the key to the system’s success was close partnership with customers to create a global technology.

“It’s always nice to win an award and be recognised by your industry colleagues and peers” he added.

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