Rochford Winery to represent Oceania at China shopping festival

Shanghai City, China is a long way from the rolling hills and vineyard sprawled landscape of the Yarra Valley, but that’s not stopping Rochford Wines Sales Manager, John Bright from delivering a speech at the Double 11 Global Shopping Festival, talking all things online shopping, wine and Alipay.

It’s a world first for Rochford to be representing Oceania at the event, which will be held in the days surrounding China’s largest online shopping day on November 11th.

Having worked with Rochford for 13 years, Bright has been involved in driving the focus on wine sales and growing Rochford’s inbound tourism profile. Bright said, “I am thrilled, excited, bewildered even, to be representing Rochford Wines and indeed ‘Australia, New Zealand and Oceania’ at the 2017 Alibaba Double 11 Global Shopping Festival in Shanghai this week.”

The festival is hosted by Alibaba Group and will include a Countdown Gala produced by Emmy-winning Oscars producer David Hill that will host a range of celebrities, performers and speakers and will be televised and streamed live across the globe to billions. The event will highlight Alipay, which is the largest cross border payment provider in Australia, bridging the gap between Australian merchants and Chinese consumers. Alipay has proved to be an essential resource for Rochford and has made it easy for Rochford to sell and deliver directly to their many Chinese visitors.

Rochford’s involvement in the festival will shine a spotlight not only on the Rochford Winery, but the Australian tourism and retail industry as a whole and will provide an amazing opportunity for Rochford to reach new global markets.

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