Rock candy demand to surge from 2024 to 2034

A study conducted by Fact.MR reveals that the global rock candy market is anticipated to reach a valuation of US$712.3m by 2024.

A recent study conducted by Fact.MR, a leading market research and competitive intelligence provider, reveals that the global rock candy market is anticipated to reach a valuation of US$712.3m by 2024, with a projected steady growth rate of 3.6 per cent CAGR through 2034. By the year 2034, the market is forecasted to reach a valuation of US$1,012.1m.

This growth is attributed to the expansion of online retail and e-commerce platforms, which have enhanced accessibility to a wide range of rock candy varieties, enabling consumers worldwide to discover and purchase unique flavours and types.

Personalised rock candy has emerged as an exciting solution for consumers, offering a heightened level of customisation and tailored experiences. There is a noticeable consumer trend towards incorporating sweetness into special occasions, driving an increased demand for personalised candy products. The versatility of rock candy as both a standalone treat and a decorative element in culinary presentations or themed events expands its appeal and utility in various culinary and social settings.

The growing awareness of health among consumers, especially the demand for lower-sugar or sugar-free options, is driving innovation in rock candy products to cater to health-conscious preferences. In regions where rock candy holds cultural significance or has historical ties to culinary traditions, its continued use in various dishes, desserts, and beverages sustains a consistent market demand.

Competitive landscape

Key players in the industry are strategically expanding their geographical reach, aiming to diversify their product offerings through efficient distribution channels. They are responding to the increasing demand for healthier options, especially in western markets, by introducing sugar-free candies.

Additionally, producers prioritise obtaining international quality certifications as a primary growth strategy, ensuring the development and delivery of high-quality rock candy to meet market standards.

Rising market values: north America and east Asia lead in rock candy industry

The anticipated value of north America’s rock candy market is set to reach US$165.3m in 2024, capturing a substantial 23.2 per cent of the global market share. Simultaneously, east Asia’s rock candy industry is projected to reach US$177m in the same year, securing a noteworthy share of 24.8 per cent.

In north America, the United States is poised to dominate with a projected market share of 78.8 per cent by 2034. The online accessibility of rock candy has significantly contributed to its growth, offering consumers a convenient avenue to explore and purchase a variety of flavours and types.

The enduring popularity of rock candy, appreciated for its novelty and visual appeal, remains evident in specific consumer segments. Particularly favoured for event decorations, specialty gifts, and nostalgic treats, the versatility of rock candy extends beyond being a sweet delight to serving as a decorative element in various culinary and beverage presentations, ensuring its sustained market presence.

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