Roo lands in Russia after four year ban

The first shipment of kangaroo meat in four years has reached Russia, representing a potential revival in the sector.

Restrictions were put in place in 2009 following Russian claims that the trade presented food safety concerns. The bans wiped out more than half of the $120m export sector, and consequently government and lobby groups have been fighting to have the restrictions eased.

In December last year it was announced that Russia had eased its restrictions, and ABC has now confirmed that kangaroo meat from South Australia's Macro Meats has arrived on Russian soil.

Western Queensland MP Bruce Scott said he's optimistic producers from other Australian states will soon have similar export opportunities.

"I am quite optimistic that we'll see ones in Queensland progressively given licences and in fact in New South Wales as well, once this first shipment arrives and is consumed," he said.

"I think this is the first step in what hopefully will be a revival in the kangaroo meat export industry."


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