Rosella revival: iconic sauce back in production

After being acquired by Sabrands in April, Australia's favourite tomato sauce, Rosella, is back in production.

Rosella's former owner, Gourmet Food Holdings, went into receivership last year, threatening the future of the much-loved condiment.

However, Rosella is now being made at Sabrands' Yarra Ranges plant, and is available in most Coles, Woolworths and IGA supermarkets, the Herald Sun reports.

Not only has Sabrands' acquisition of Rosella seen 20 full-time jobs added the production line at Aussie Growers Fruit in Silvan (with 10 more positions up for grabs in the near future), the sauce's new owners are also determined to keep the brand as authentically Australian as possible.

Executive chairman, Dan Presser, said the imported tomato paste previously used in Rosella's recipe has been replaced with homegrown content.

"Wherever possible we are going to bring back Australian ingredients … It's a great food brand that is part of Australia's fabric," he said.

Presser added that he hopes Rosella will, in the long term, reach a 25 percent market share.


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