Rosso organic coffee plans to pep up café culture

Coffee entrepreneur, Ramez, is getting ready to launch a new brand of organic coffee to Australian cafes, and it’s already generating support amongst baristas.

Ramez is a young entrepreneur with a profound knowledge of his craft and product.

Rosso Coffee is all about his passion and unique bean blend.

Packaged in vibrant red, and sealed with a heraldic brand stamp, the freshness of the Rosso bean is guaranteed as Rosso Coffee is newly roasted just days before it arrives in cafes.

According to Ramez “Rosso Coffee is a 100% organic, 100% Arabica bean and is sourced from unique ‘terroir’; specially selected individual coffee plantations from Asia, Africa and South America. The climate, typography and soil from these regions produce excellent 100% Arabica coffee beans that have dynamic yet sophisticated flavour.”

Rosso Master Barista and Training Instructor, Michael Demicoli, describes the flavour profile of Rosso as similar to exceptional fine wine in composition as it’s ‘long’ on the palette. This can be attributed to four major factors: freshness, organic composition, terroir and temperature.

For Demicoli, “we can taste that organic food has an ‘X’ flavour factor because it’s free from pesticides and herbicides and uses natural farming methods. With the first sip of a Rosso Coffee, you can taste an initial citric floral flavour, which reveals a lush chocolate and sweet caramel taste finally followed up with an earthy, almost velvety after taste on the tongue.”

The Rosso approach to training is certainly an interesting point of difference. It reflects the zealous experiments of molecular gastronomists, who set the proteins and starches within their foods at precise, often set temperatures to ensure optimal flavour. So it is with Rosso Coffee.

“Rosso Coffee is not your typical supplier,” said owner of Sweet Agora Café at South Melbourne Market, Leon Kennedy.

“Ramez has not only provided us with an exceptional product of the highest quality, but his extensive business knowledge and willingness to develop Sweet Agora and offer a competitive edge has been invaluable,” said Kennedy, who has double his coffee sales since using Rosso Coffee.

“The vibrant branding is incredible and customers often comment that they have followed the trail of red and white takeaway cups throughout the market to experience a Rosso Coffee.”

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