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Roth Cuisine’s Eye Fillet Medallions

Product name: Eye Fillet Medallions

Product manufacturer: Roth Cuisine

Ingredients: beef, garlic mash potato (potato, cream, garlic, butter, salt, pepper), carrot, zucchini, mushroom & pepper sauce (demi glaze (thickener(1422)(from tapioca), maltodextrin (from corn), flavours (demi glace (4.9%)(contains flavour enhancers (627, 631)

Shelf life: seven days, refrigerated consistently at 4°C and under.

Packaging: Torus Pak, filling Volume: 650ml Material: Copolymer PP + Base Film PA/PP

Product manager: Rory Hanley

Brand website: https://www.rothcuisine.com.au/

What the company says 
Grilled eye fillet medallions with garlic scented mash potato, carrots & beans finished with mushroom & green peppercorn glase.


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