Rotopack bag collator patent applied

ADM Packaging Technology, an Australian company, is behind the design, and development of the new Flexible bag collator for the Packaging industry. The Rotopack bag collator is made through a new, innovative design that has never been built before. In light of this development, Rotopack has applied for a patent.

The Rotopack is used on end-of-line packaging. It is located at the end of bagmakers, flow wrappers or any line that requires product collating. As the bags come off a conveyor and drop down a chute, they land upright in a divider rack in an orderly fashion. The separated products travel around the table presenting themselves ready for easy collecting and place in cartons, making the process more efficient, cost effective and profitable.

The procedure is simple. As each bag lands the table indexes forward to accept the next bag. This is done in a continuous and or intermittent motion. The Rotopack adapts to speed change as the packs land into the divider rack and the collated bags make their way around to the packer. The packer gently picks up two bags or more with two hands each time and places the bags into the case.

The process of packing can be cut in half making the collator efficient, fast and effective to your packing line. Where speed and efficiency is a daily topic in the packaging industry, the Rotopack can now offer great advantages to achieve better than ever, higher outputs.

The Rotopack can regularly collate up to 120 bags per minute for any product size and weight fitting into the different size divider racks made available. The divider rack has a unique design that allows the bags to be totally separated, with the curved angles allowing extra hand placements for the operator to collect the bags. The divider rack can be changed over within five minutes and is available in small, medium and large.

The operator also benefits from the Rotopack by not having to lean over the table to pick up bags, minimising back injuries and excess movements around the table. The time consumed using the old system, include sorting – to pick up the bag, orientating and inspecting, then packing one by one, has been greatly reduced to become more efficient.

To date inefficiency has continually meant lost jobs and lost orders to cheaper offshore competitors.

The different bag styles collated onto the Rotopack include pillow, gusseted, stand-up pouch and four edge seal bags for the flexible packaging industry. The types of products that can be packaged range from any dried foods to liquids.

The Rotopack is not only limited to packaged products, other products collated include injection moulded parts, stackable processed foods, and more.

Our latest release includes a semi-automatic case erector for single or dual lane setups attached to the Rotopack. The case erector is a compact device mounted to the end of the bag collator to aid the process of erecting the box with the least amount of effort. It is a mechanical device that activates when the box is force dropped over the top. The box is then locked down to free both the operator’s hands. Once the box is full the operators simply pushes the case forward to the case taper.

The Rotopack, with all its advantages for end users, is a low cost setup when compared to the short and long term benefits and returns on investment. By increasing production without increasing labour it is also possible capitalise on the complete packaging line investment.

The Rotopack will revolutionise the way packing is done by moving from manual packers to smart packers. It can run at high or low speeds, collating almost any stackable product and is one of the most exciting machines in the field of packaging today.

For further information or demonstration contact:

George Fakhry

ADM Packaging Technology P/L, Technical/Sales

03 9484 8791


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