Ridley to explore options to grow Novacq

The Ridley Corporation has appointed Investec to explore options to accelerate the growth of Novacq, an ingredient which they have reported to have shown significant uplift in prawn biomass when added to prawn feed at an inclusion rate of five per cent. The increase in biomass is derived from a combo of higher survival rates, accelerated prawn growth and improved conversion of feed consumed into flesh, and general well-being of the prawn.

Significant progress has been made on the Novacq applied R&D project at ridley’s current production sites, namely Yamba in NSW and Chanthaburi, Thailand. According to Ridley, a number of their customers have used the product in their prawn’s diets on a profit share arrangement for the recently concluded Australian growing season.

In Thailand, Ridley expects to include the locally produced NOvacq in the Chanthaburi feedmill diets for commercial-scale farm use in the second half of 2018. The company is committed to scaling up production vlumes in its Thailand facility both in the feedmill joint venture and in the production of Novacq at the 14 ponds it has under long term lease and in which it is currently growing the product for inclusion in local feed production.


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