SABMiller discloses priorities to improve performance

SABMiller is calling on the brewing industry to improve disclosure on environmental and social impacts.

The company is publishing detailed information about the impacts of its own global operations to allow for greater insight and scrutiny into the country-level performance of its businesses.

According to SABMiller, it will allow visitors to its site to see which businesses are performing well but also where improvement is needed across the company’s 10 sustainable development priorities, including improving water efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, through to discouraging irresponsible drinking and contributing to the reduction of HIV/AIDS.

SABMiller has developed the Sustainability Assessment Matrix (SAM) to monitor progress against each of its 10 sustainable development priorities. To achieve each performance level, a business must meet a series of assessment criteria that includes both quantitative and qualitative measurements.

“This interactive tool lets consumers, employees, partners and communities see how we are doing in those areas which matter most to them," Andy Wales, SABMiller’s global head of sustainable development, said.



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