Safe storage of metal drums

Industrial safety product specialist Actisafe has released a line of products aimed at solving one of the more overlooked problems in the industrial sector — metal drum storage.

Paying consideration to the fact that companies are likely to use one, some or all of various types of drums that are on the national market, Actisafe’s new range accordingly has different options to suit the needs.

Not only is each of these solutions designed to lift the drum from the ground, they are also designed for spill containment in the event that this may happen.

Metal Sump Pallets

These provide a robust and safe storage or turned into drums. They are designed to contain at least 50% of the total volume stored or 100% of the largest container, whichever is greater.

The pallets are available to store one, two or four 205 litre drums. Manufactured from heavy duty steel, the pallets feature a robust, galvanised steel net or alternatively a heavy duty steel angle bar to provide maximum strength.

Enclosed Drum Storage

Pollution resulting from the spillage of hazardous liquids can be dangerous and can incur hefty fines for companies. To prevent this from happening, Actisafe has a range of drum storage systems that completely enclose the drums. These are available in several sizes to store between one, two and four 205 litre steel drums.

These units will retain suitable amounts of liquids in case of leakage. This is very valuable for those companies handling oil or other dangerous liquids. They protect personnel as well as the organisation by storing the drums in a completely enclosed environment.

Bunded Floor Mats

Designed to give protection in areas where hazardous liquids are being used or moved, Actisafe Bunded Floor Mats are also ideal as a catchment facility for certain types of plant and machinery likely to allow the escape of cutting oils, lubricants and other industrial fluids.


The common timber pallet is considered one of the biggest sources of problems if a drum should begin to leak while mounted on one. Spilguard transforms an ordinary 1200mm by 800mm pallet into a safety bund pallet to contain spillage and leaks safely and help protect the environment and workplace.

Drum Pallet System

There has been a longstanding call for stacking facilities for steel drums and Actisafe has answered this with a drum palette system. This range is a tough and rugged stacking pallet system for steel drums that are either 200 litres or 220 litres capacity. Considering the amount of weight this product is expected to carry, the Drum Pallet System has been designed for use with the customer’s for forklift truck.

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