Safety guide helps minimise health risks

In a bid to minimise public health risks and loss of reputation, this year’s edition of the Food Manufacturing Industry Guide to Safety is reminding members of the food manufacturing industry to perform cleaning and sanitising procedures separately.  

The safety guide produced by Pro-Visual Publishing reinforces that sanitisers are unlikely to be effective in the presence of food residue and detergents and therefore thorough cleaning before sanitising is needed.

The purpose of cleaning and sanitising is to ensure that any surface that comes into contact with food is free from contamination by microorganisms, chemicals and foreign matter.

"The Food Manufacturing Industry Guide to Workplace Safety is an easily accessible resource for members of the industry,” said Cathy Moir from the CSIRO division of food and nutritional sciences. “This edition of the Guide provides valuable, up-to-date information regarding food handler hygiene, verification of cleaning and sanitising procedures as well as outlining good food practices.”

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