Samies Girl becomes Australia’s first retailer to stock PCAS Certified grass-fed beef

Brisbane’s Samies Girl Seafood Market has joined with Leaone Munn’s family operated beef company, Luv Meat, to become the first Australian retailer to stock PCAS Certified grass-fed beef.

Luv Meat is one of just 30 beef producers in Australia to have received the Cattle Council’s PCAS certification – the assurance that all cattle are 100 percent grass-fed.

In addition, Munn’s Luv Meat was the only producer to receive the highest available PCAS certification which denotes her products not only as certified grass-fed and finished, but also antibiotic and hormone free.

"When Leaone came to me with her idea of stocking grass-fed beef in-store, I almost couldn’t contain my excitement,” said- Kristina Georges, managing director of Samies Girls Seafood Market.

“It is such a simple idea but has the potential to make such a big difference – not only to my customers by offering them a high quality, humane and healthy product, but also to the future of local farmers such as Leaone.”

Munn said that her commitment to producing sustainable, 100 percent grass-fed beef has given her a significant market advantage.

 “Grass-fed and finished produce is emerging and gaining momentum as many are becoming aware of the health benefit. Naturally lean and containing omega 3s it is perfect for health-savvy consumers,” said Munn.

“At Luv Meat all of our beef cows are ‘lifetime traceable’ and totally grass-fed and always have been, providing customers with meat that is absolutely delicious and natural, with absolutely no hormones or antibiotics. We also take the health of our environment very seriously too – ensuring our farming practices are sustainable, now and into the future.”

Once in-store, ‘Luv Meat’ will be available in a range of cuts after being prepared using a process called ‘dry-aging’.

“With our meat you have the benefit of both dry aging for at least 14 days and then cryovacing, also known as wet aging. The dry-aging process is an old fashioned way of preparing the meat for sale, when you add to this the wet aging process it gives it a more intense beef flavour,” said Munn.


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