Sanlu cover-up appalls

Fonterra’s management has said the company is appalled by findings stating that four Sanlu managers deliberately released baby formula contaminated with melamine, resulting in the deaths of six infants in China.

Two men have been sentenced to the death penalty and the CEO of the company, in which Fonterra held a 43% share, has received a life term over the deaths of babies who were fed milk contaminated with the industrial chemical.

Thousands more young children were hospitalised with kidney problems at the height of the crisis.

Fonterra’s CEO, Andrew Ferrier, said the actions of the managers were never reported to the Sanlu board.

He said from the time the co-op learned of the contamination it consistently pushed for a public recall of tainted products.

Ferrier also said Fonterra had been shocked and disturbed by some of the information which had come to light during the judicial process.

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