Sans Drinks sees surge in demand for alcohol-free beers

Sans Drinks

Sans Drinks, a non-alcoholic beverage supplier, recently conducted a survey (“Sans July Challenge Survey”) that showed a surge in demand for alcohol-free beers. 

No longer the preserve of pregnant women or designated drivers, zero to low alcohol beers have been making waves amongst savvy drinkers looking to maximise flavour and minimise the nasty effects. 

With zero alcohol beers, drinking beer can now be considered as healthy, according to Sans Drinks founder Irene Falcone. 

“We stock a wonderful range of beers that are extremely low calorie and fortified with vitamins, like our Erdinger Wheat Beer which contains vitamin B12, folic acid and polyphenols,” Falcone said.  

“The developments in this space have hugely redefined how beers are perceived in terms of being closer to a sports drink than something you drink at the pub. The German Olympians are right into it!” 

It’s now easier for people to shift away from alcoholic drinks, as product innovation has caught up to create beers that are equal in taste but with none of the alcohol. 

“In terms of taste, body and mouthfeel, the no alcohol versions are so similar to the ones with alcohol it’s a no brainer to make the change,” Falcone said. 

“My goal is to make it possible for everyone to get together without relying on alcohol as a social lubricant. 

“Our survey suggests one of the top reasons why fewer Australians are choosing zero alcohol is because they want to avoid the hangover they get the next day. More people are deciding it’s just not worth it and that includes younger Australians,” she said. 

“We stock over 60 different types of non-alcoholic beer and it’s growing every day – craft beers like IPA, stout and pale ale there’s bound to be something for everyone.  

“There are exciting flavours on offer and my personal passion for all-natural ingredients means that whatever it is you drink there’s a healthy no-alcohol version out there for you.” 

Some of the top picks stocked at Sans Drinks include: 

  • Erdinger beer – the German Olympians’ drink of choice this non-alcoholic wheat beer boosts athletic performance and aids recovery. 
  • Sobah Pepperberry IPA – at only 75 calories per serve, this Aboriginal brew tastes of citrus and hops with the added spicy kick of native Australian pepperberry. 
  • NORT XPA – the NORT Tropical XPA is a deliciously fruity craft beer with notes of pineapple, mango and citrus for a tiny 56 calories per serve. 
  • Heaps Normal Quiet XPA – Sans Drink’s most popular beer is well-balanced between bitter and malty sweetness with notes of citrus thrown in. This refreshing unfiltered XPA is entirely Australian owned. 
  • Prohibition Non-alc Pale Ale – this bright, full-bodied beer is brewed locally using traditional methods with a few contemporary adjustments. The result is a beer that “tastes like contraband”. 
  • Zero+ Pale Ale – fortified with magnesium, potassium and calcium for muscle recovery, polyphenols for energy, this low-sugar and low-carb pale ale is the ultimate choice for sports hydration. 


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