Save money in cheese production

An integrated compound enabling manufacturers to produce various products similar to feta at low cost in a simple standardised process not dependent on milk has been developed by Hydrosol.

The process can reduce the cost of raw materials by as much as half compared with traditional cheese-making methods.

The process works with milk fat and vegetable fat and is so flexible that the milk fat can be replaced by vegetable fat.

Manufacturers are not dependent on fresh milk and and seasonal fluctuations in the composition of fresh milk.

The formulation is based on milk powder, the Hydrosol milk protein/hydrocolloid compound, vegetable fat and water.

Convential cheese-making equipment necessary.

All that is needed for production is an emulsifying machine of the kind frequently used in the delicatessen products industry, such as a Limitec, Stephan Cutter or FrymaKoruma.

Formulations can be adapted to individual requirements and small batches can be produced according to different recipes.

The products can then be flavoured, if desired, with herbs and spices to give them a characteristic note.

The cheese has a firm consistency that cuts well, and the end product can be shaped to particular specifications.

On request, Hydrosol will develop customised formulations and provide comprehensive advice on the manufacturing process, production plant, packaging and cost management.

Hydrosol Produktionsgesellschaft, with its registered office in Ahrensburg, is a member of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe.

For further information contact Anne Bünting, marketing.

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