Savings for baking industry

A baking industry project, being run in New Zealand and aimed at finding new ways for companies to save energy, is nearing its midway point, with data indicating significant differences between the energy requirements of various commercial ovens.

Crop & Food researcher Arran Wilson says even for ovens that are similar, variations are being recorded in the amount of energy used to bake a standard loaf of bread.

The project is being funded by the New Zealand Baking Industry Research Trust, which represents the industry. Wilson says the project is important, particularly given the current climate of rising gas and electricity costs.

“The Baking Industry Research Trust is being proactive about energy issues and I believe we are going to come up with some results that will produce energy cost savings for the commercial bakeries,” he added. “It may be that we can reduce the amount of baking time without compromising the product, which is why we are investigating issues around loaf structure, taste and texture.”

For further information contact:

Marcia Dunnett

Secretary of the Baking Industry Research Trust

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