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Seadrift Distillery launches new Wild Hibiscus pink non-alcoholic gin


Seadrift, Australia’s first non-alcoholic distillery, has released its new Wild Hibiscus pink non-alcoholic gin for Dry July. 

“Pink Gin is enjoying a resurgence at the moment, and we wanted to make sure there was a natural, non-alcoholic option available,” Seadrift co-founder Alastair Whiteley said. 

“Our Wild Hibiscus spirit like all our spirits is distilled from fresh botanicals, ensuring an intensity of taste as well as a real brightness to the products. Seadrift Hibiscus is distilled with juniper berries, fresh basil and rosemary and infused with wild hibiscus flowers, offering our customers a new natural flavour while staying to true to our philosophy of using natural fresh, local botanicals.” 

Seadrift Wild Hibiscus opens on sweet tropical notes of hibiscus flowers and freshly torn basil leaves. This evolves into the pepper notes of juniper berries that gin in known for and ends with the citrus zing of lemongrass. 

“Wild Hibiscus, like our Classic and Coast spirits, has been distilled in a small batch run in traditional copper pot stills at our distillery here in Brookvale,” Whiteley said. 

“The fresh hibiscus flowers gives our non-alcoholic gin its lovely pink colour, which not only looks beautiful but is completely natural and tastes delicious.” 

Since Alastair and Carolyn Whiteley launched Seadrift in 2019, the non-alcoholic drinks sector has continued to soar as health-conscious Australians embrace sober socialising. 

Seadrift opened Sydney’s first non-alcoholic bar So-Bar last year and will host a series of events in Dry July, giving Sydneysiders the perfect opportunity to explore the many benefits of cutting back on booze without cutting out the fun. 

Throughout July, Seadrift will host a buzzing calendar of events, including a dance party, mocktail-shaking workshops, cocktail and canape evenings, paint and sip nights and a five course degustation dinner. Held at the Seadrift distillery in Brookvale, the events are designed to encourage the community to get out, get naturally high and discover the new Seadrift Wild Hibiscus. 

“There is a huge shift taking place in Australia’s drinking culture, with the non-alcoholic sector rapidly increasing in response to a spike in sober-curious attitudes. Alcohol consumption is declining, with young Australians driving this trend as they embrace mindful drinking practices or avoid alcohol altogether,” Carolyn Whiteley said.  

“More and more Australians are looking for premium quality non-alcoholic options, so expanding this category has been our priority. Like any category, there should be options and flavours for everyone. Our new Wild Hibiscus release is unique to the market and can be enjoyed in a number of ways. Seadrift Wild Hibiscus is delicious in cocktails or simply served over ice with your favourite tonic water and garnished with a sprig of fresh basil.” 

Seadrift Wild Hibiscus is available exclusively via the Seadrift Distillery online store. 

To find out more about Seadrift Wild Hibiscus, visit www.seadriftdistillery.com. 

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