Made using up to 50 per cent less virgin resin

Sealed Air

Sealed Air Australia celebrates its advancements towards plastics circularity.

Serving Australia’s fresh protein retail sector for more than 20 years,  Sealed Air’s CRYOVAC® brand tray manufacturing facility in Australia has taken another step towards plastics circularity. In addition to full kerbside recyclability and approved ARL kerbside collection of its entire tray portfolio, Sealed Air has achieved further success by significantly reducing its need for virgin resin.

By scaling up the ratio of post-industrial recycled content, CRYOVAC® brand trays now comprise 50 per cent less virgin resin across its black trays, and 30 per cent less virgin resin across its clear and coloured trays, attainable without compromising pack performance or food safety.

Its zero-waste Australian manufacturing facility continues its drive towards circularity for plastics, and efforts to reduce virgin content and use locally sourced food grade polypropylene continue.

Sealed Air
Image credit: Sealed Air

Sealed Air’s partnership with NextLooPP will accelerate the opportunities to close the loop on food grade polypropylene as it explores new technologies for the local recycling of post-consumer polypropylene packaging waste back into food-grade products.

CRYOVAC® brand recyclable trays comprising reduced virgin content are commercially available and when teamed with high performance CRYOVAC® brand LID1050 anti-fog lidding material, provides brand owners with a fully recyclable, lightweight packaging solution.

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