Selecting the right hose is critical

AIP, a Motion business, provides top-of-the-line industrial hoses for the beverage industry, ensuring flexibility and robustness. 

AIP, a Motion business, provides top-of-the-line industrial hoses for the beverage industry, ensuring flexibility and robustness.

Selecting and using the right industrial hose during beverage production is supremely important, the wrong hose can lead to a host of issues including contamination, which in turn can cause loss of stock and production time.

The wrong hose can cause leaching of the components, which in turn can discolour and impact the flavour of the product. If the contamination is not spotted in time, it can also lead to the recall of an entire batch, or product or more.

Under Motion, Advanced Industrial Products (AIP) specialises in industrial hoses for the beverage sector, along with valves and fittings.

“We’ve got great relationships with businesses in the food and beverage industry, including breweries and wineries who are looking for quality hose solutions,” says Troy Giggins, category manager, Industrial Hoses, Motion.

“Also, we have plenty of feet on the ground out there. And access to not only many suppliers from overseas, but local manufacturers who are making hoses for specific needs in this market segment. In short, we have an endless number of solutions we can offer.”

One such offering, which is perfect for alcoholic beverage producers, is the PVC Wine Suction Hose-WSR—Clear Red Helix. This hose solution is designed for medium duty wine, beer and spirits suction and delivery applications (wine and spirits up to 15 per cent alcohol).

The benefits of this hose is that it is lightweight and flexible, making it easy to use – particularly in wineries or breweries where hoses can pose occupational, health and safety (OHS) concerns through leakage, or breakage.

The Australian made PVC Wine Suction Hose-WSR—Clear Red Helix is EU 2002-72-EC and AS2070 approved, which is related to plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.

“Having the proper certification is important,” reiterates Giggins. “All our products have the proper certification such as FDA approval, which is critically important for this industry as it relates to products that will be consumed.

Additionally, by buying through Motion, you just have that peace of mind that you’re only going to have products that are safe to use and have been formally certified.”

Leon Stefanec, national business development manager at Motion, says the PVC Wine Suction Hose has already been implemented at two wineries.

“One in particular was looking for a robust hose,” he adds. “So, we supplied them with the sample of the AIP product, a PVC wine suction hose.”

According to Stefanec, the customer had chosen the original hose based on a lower cost, and it was only able to withstand one season of production.

“The last time they went with a cheap hose and had to keep on repairing the hose until it split – then once that happens, they have to cut it and throw it away,” Stefanec elaborates.

“It’s important to understand that the winemakers themselves are very particular about which hose they use because it can impact the flavour of their product. So it was a great outcome that this hose was accepted by the winemakers – not just the maintenance staff – and performed well.”

Stefanec says he believes the AIP options will grow in popularity.

“There are seven popular sizes that the wineries use, ranging from 25 millimetres to 102 millimetres and we’ve definitely seen the sales of the product grow – it’s a great sign that the hoses have been accepted by winemakers. We also have the team expertise and knowledge to back up solid industrial hose product.

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