Senate inquiry reviews beekeeping industry

A senate inquiry into the beekeeping industry has been told that some cheap imported honey is mislabelled.

The inquiry is reviewing the future of beekeeping and pollination services in Australia, ABC Rural reports.

Beekeepers want the Senators to address access to National Parks, cheap imports claiming to be honey and changes to biosecurity procedures.

CEO of the Honey Bee Industry Council Trevor Weatherhead, said "there are a couple of products here in Australia that have come from Turkey, that are labelled as honey, we have had them analysed overseas and they are actually corn syrup."

"We have put a complaint to the ACCC, but they are moving very slowly and we are very disappointed that no action has been taken. The public is being duped, because this product is mislabelled and it is also coming in at a very cheap price,” Weatherhead said.

"The import price it came in at was $1.83 a kilogram, already prepacked in tubs so it is being sold at a price that is a lot cheaper than Australian honey, which sells at the farm gate for $4 a kilogram."



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