Shaking up the category

Bickford’s Milkshake Mixes, the winner of the Non-Alcoholic Beverages Award, are the first liquid milk modifier on the Australia market, offering consumers traditional flavoured milkshakes in the comfort of their own home.

Designed to offer consumers easy to prepare, traditional flavoured milkshakes which are reminiscent of those served in 1950s milk bars, Bickford’s Milkshake Mixes are an easy stir solution substitute for drinking plain milk. Available in three traditional flavours of Vanilla Malt, Strawberry, and Chocolate, they are designed specifically for flavouring milk.

“We were up against some very stiff competition, and it was great to see a South Australian company come out on top,” said brand manager, Allana Furdal.

“We knew we had a good product, but the exposure through the Awards should give more awareness to the Mixes, leading to greater sales. Being a new concept, it’s great to get an innovative and exciting product out there and to receive the recognition from an industry Award, on a national level.

“There was a lot of passion there at the Awards, which was great to see, because that’s what this industry is all about.”

The Mixes are a unique offering to the Australian market, being the only liquid milk modifier available. Their thinner viscosity results in an easy stir application for consumers, providing a smooth, full flavoured texture.

Hot fill and induction seals were utilised to maintain the high quality and to extend the shelf life, while allowing the Strawberry and Vanilla Malt variants to be made while using no preservatives, with liquids pasteurised at very high temperatures for short time periods to eliminate potential pathogen contamination.

Bickford’s Milkshake Mixes are packaged in 600mL PET proprietary bottles, filled at high temperatures, without unsightly pack ribbing and panels. The vertical fluting design, which encases the front label area of the bottle, was influenced by the traditional style milk shakes, as featured on the front label itself. The result is a timeless design, which meets the needs of the modern day consumer.

With 1950s flavour at 1950s prices, the winner of this year’s Awards is a timeless addition to the Non-Alcoholic Beverages category.

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