Sharing your Coke: marketing genius or just entirely weird?

People’s names are popping up in the strangest of place; the latest being Coke bottles.

Everywhere, people are drinking from their bottles which each bear the slogan “Share a Coke with [name].”

The names include Nick, Mel, Josh, Jessica, Luke, and a bunch of others.

In what seems like another new and interesting marketing move, the makers of Coke, Coca-cola Amital are trying to find another way to appeal to consumers.

Food Magazine has contacted the company for more information but a company spokesperson said they could not comment on the campaign until it has officially been launched in coming weeks.

Would you be more likely to buy a Coke if it had your name on it? Or would you maybe refuse to buy one because you couldn’t find your name?

Image: A selection of names on Coke bottles at a local convenience store


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