Shelf-optimising magic: Combilift’s Aisle Master

Amid the pandemic, efficient warehouse space management has become essential for the food and beverage industry.

It ensures convenient access to bulk product storage, streamlining operations and ensuring timely customer fulfilment.

Recognising the ongoing challenges in this sector, Combilift, a prominent manufacturer of space-saving handling equipment, provides a solution in the very narrow aisle (VNA) forklift, the Aisle Master.

This was the case with Luscombe Drinks, an organic drink manufacturer located in Devon, England.

“When I first started investigating possible forklifts, I initially thought of VNA man-up or reach trucks, but our materials handling consultant recommended the Combilift Aisle Master,” said operations manager Tim Wigley, of Luscombe Drinks.

“I trusted his advice, and after visiting two local Aisle Master users, I was immediately won over by the performance and versatility of the vehicle.

“Our previous on-site storage system was based around a counterbalance truck, with inside and outside areas with three metre aisles.

“On top of this we were paying for external storage of 600 pallets plus incurring the extra costs for transportation, so it made sense to look at building our own facility on site.”

By adopting the Aisle Master, Luscombe Drinks achieved narrow aisle widths of 1,900 mm rack to rack, accommodating 1,390 pallets in a compact space of 1,225m².

The Aisle Master efficiently utilised vertical space, lifting two-tonne pallets and raising one-tonne pallets of bottled drinks to an impressive height of 7.65 metres on the top beams.

Combilift Aisle Master – key features and benefits:


The Aisle Masters operate seamlessly on any surface, eliminating the need for separate machines. They can transport loads from trailers to the racking position in one operation.

Enhanced efficiency

Aisle Master forklifts have robust chassis for rigorous indoor and outdoor usage. They are made with top-grade materials and distributed from Combilift’s headquarters in Ireland.

Optimised storage capacity

By optimising racking layouts and reducing aisle widths to as little as 1.8 metres, storage capacity can be dramatically increased. This results in a 50 per cent expansion in warehouse storage, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Luscombe Drinks – customer testimonial

“Having the Aisle Master in place has also opened our eyes to other possibilities,” said Wigley.

“Outsourcing cold storage is even more expensive than ambient so the next stage will be to build our own and get a second Aisle Master with a cold
store spec.

“This will give us more control over our stock, there will be two machines available when the workload is heavy, and we can cut costs even further.”

Contemplating whether to expand your warehouse or open a new facility? Combilift provides services tailored to customers’ needs.

Its offerings include visual aids, expert recommendations, and personalised support, all designed to optimise storage space.

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