SICK outdoorScan3 Safety laser scanner with Dynamic Weather Assist (DWA) Safety System


The world’s first IEC 62998-certified safety laser scanner for indoor and outdoor use opens up a whole new world of safe and easy automation.

With the outdoorScan3, people and machines can now work outside together safely. This leads to higher AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) speeds and a continuous material flow between several production halls. Quite simply, the outdoorScan3 enables you to increase your productivity both indoors and outdoors.

The outdoorScan3 can be adapted to suit a whole host of different applications using the Safety Designer configuration software. With 128 individually adjustable fields, 8 simultaneous protective fields, and simple measurement data output via Ethernet, the scanner is exceptionally versatile.

SICK also offers a separate function block that enables automated, weather-dependent speed adjustment for AVGs. With its rugged design and the unique shape of the optics cover, the outdoorScan3 is perfectly suited for outdoor use. The vibration-resistant and shockproof mounting system gives the outdoorScan3 a real edge in this regard. Even commissioning is quick and easy in combination with the standard M12 cabling.

The AGV Dynamic Weather Assist safety system from SICK increases the availability of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in rain and snow. It consists of the outdoorScan3 safety laser scanner, the Flexi Soft safety controller and a software function block.

Using the function block, the safety laser scanner automatically switches its protective fields depending on the weather, thereby enabling continuous operation of the AGV, even in heavy rain or snowfall. Instead of stopping, the AGVs only move slowly than when the sun is shining.

The benefits: Unplanned vehicle stops are weather-dependent interruptions of the material flow are avoided, and AGV mechanics and braking systems are protected.


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