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Silent Pool Gin arrives in Australia at Dan Murphy’s and BWS

Silent Pool

Silent Pool Gin, a gin brand from the UK, has arrived in Australia this month. 

Silent Pool Gin is a sustainable distillery committed to producing handcrafted, artisan spirits using locally sourced ingredients and botanicals. 

Founders Ian McCulloch and James Shelbourne were inspired to create a unique spirit that encapsulated the romantic essence of its surrounds in Silent Hill, Surrey Hills. 

After experimenting with hundreds of different flavour combinations over the years and breaking down ingredients to a molecular level, the signature Silent Pool Gin recipe was perfected. It features 24 natural botanicals that are multi-layered and bursting with complex flavours. 

“We are very excited to finally be launching Silent Pool Gin down under,” Silent Pool Gin marketing director Darren Macaskill said. 

“There’s no doubt that Australians’ love of premium gin has been growing exponentially in the last number of years and so we’re looking forward to bringing them this delicious spirit, that’s as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. 

“The entire Silent Pool Gin range is produced at the distillery as part of a unique four-stage process, that heroes local ingredients and ensures environmentally sustainable practices are upheld, which we know is so important to consumers in Australia too.” 

The distillers at Silent Pool Gin created a four-stage distillation process, allowing the team to precisely control the quality and flavour of each gin. The core Silent Pool Gin botanicals – juniper, coriander and cardamom – are steeped and macerated in alcohol to achieve maximum flavour extraction, for a deep and rich flavour profile that lingers on the palate.  

Then the more delicate floral ingredients, such as chamomile, rose and elderflower, are steeped separately in high proof spirits in a giant tea bag. After 24 hours, the teabag is strained and the unwanted plant material is discarded before adding the bright green, oil-rich liquid to the still. These ingredients give a combination of bright floral notes and mid-palate complexity. We call this unique process our bespoke Gin Tea infusion. 

The distillation is then passed through a basket infusion to draw out the brighter top notes of citrus and the Macedonian juniper. Then finally, the distillation process is completed using a rectifying column, where the spirit is refined by the highly skilled distillers by aroma and taste, to create a perfectly balanced, final product. 

The result is an award-winning gin that is beautifully complex and refreshingly distinctive. 

Silent Pool Gin is best served as a gin and tonic over ice, with a premium Indian tonic water and garnish of orange peel. 

Other variations from the Silent Pool Gin range are due to arrive in Australia later this year. 

Silent Pool Gin has an ABV of 43 per cent and is available for purchase now for $79.99, from retailers including Dan Murphy’s and BWS. 

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