Simple wine odour detection

Australian scientists are currently involved in worldwide research to discover an objective way of quantifying odours, focussing primarily on the wine industry.

With the aim of providing wine makers with devices they can use to detect contaminants, the level of ripeness of grapes, and broader odour patterns associated with particular styles of wine, the Cybernose will enable the wine industry to measure aroma and flavour objectively, assisting winemakers to pick grapes at optimum ripeness while making it easier to make a desired style of wine.

The development of the Cybernose has come about after looking at two existing odour-detection devices, mass spectrometry, which looks at the molecular structure of each component, and an array of electronic detectors.

“Now we are exploring the use of sensor proteins on the front-end of an electronic nose, a Cybernose,” CSIRO’s Dr Stephen Trowell.

According to Trowell, the new device aim to reflect the ability of small organisms to distinguish between odours and pick up odours not detectable by humans.

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