Simpler safer recall system launched

The launch of GS1’s internet based recall system was launched yesterday in appropriate fashion for the food industry; with the pop of champagne.

The national product recall system aims to remove all potentially harmful grocery, food liquor and other products from the supply chain.

Maria Palazzolo told the conference Australia has one of the best recall systems in the world, and most recalls are done prior to products reaching the consumer.

She said that while “recalls are a fact of life,” the industry works well to eliminate the impact on consumers and said most recalls are the result of a food allergen not being included on the packaging.

Palazzolo, along with the chief executive of the Australian Food and Grocery council (AFGC) told Food Magazine at the conference that the process has been long and arduous, but they were pleased to see so many companies getting on board.

The audience was filled with representatives from all areas of the food industry, including exporters, factory operators, manufacturers and packaging companies.

Palazzolo told Food Magazine the introduction of a simpler system for recalls will revolutionise the way the industry deals with the issues.

“Often, the most simple solutions, and the most obvious solutions, are the most effective,” she said.

“And that’s what this is.”

She said they hope the system will be rolled out to various sectors and processors, once the benefits of it are realised, comparing it to the introduction of barcodes and the amazing success they have seen.

Carnell said the innovations would keep Australia ahead of the pack as food and grocery distributors.

“Product recalls pose a significant challenge to Australian manufacturers and this portal will enable them to manage recall notifications easily, ensuring the food safety of all Australians,” she said.

“Australia’s food and grocery industry has an excellent food safety record and Recallnet provides a world class tool for manufacturers to ensure we maintain this record.”

GS1 Recallnet allows companies to manage recall and withdrawal notifications online, and makes the process of issuing notifications simpler and more effective.

It will significantly reduce the risks involved with recalls and contribute to the wellbeing of Australians, the organisations said.


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