Simplify the complexity of palletising

Automating end of line palletising can be a very costly exercise for manufacturers. Customised solutions in particular can put automation out of reach for many businesses. However, FlexLink’s new generation standardised robotic solutions present a more affordable option.

“End of line robotic palletising is no longer a highly specialised solution. Innovative and compact palletising machines cost half as much as customised solutions making them ideal for smaller operations. They are called collaborative palletising systems because operators can work alongside the robot on one side of the line without any safety concerns.” says Steve Alcorn, managing director of FlexCAM, exclusive distribution partner of FlexLink in Australia and New Zealand.

RC10 collaborative robot
The RC10 is a standardised collaborative robot. It performs continuous palletising of closed boxes allowing the operator to remove a complete pallet without stopping the robot. It is designed to safely work alongside people without the need for a fence or cage surrounding it. If an operator comes into contact with the robot arm, it will automatically stop to reduce the risk of injury.

The compact design offers 50 percent reduction in footprint compared to industrial robot solutions and can handle payloads of up to 8kg at 8 boxes per minute. It’s mobile and easy to relocate to another line. The smart design allows a fast and easy installation in only a few hours. A user friendly tablet application ensures simple pallet layer configuration without the need for complicated robot programming.

RI20 palletising cell
The new RI20 palletising cell is compact, mobile and adapts easily to production changes. The unit is suitable for the continuous palletising of closed boxes ideal for fast-moving consumer goods industries. The two pallet positions create a seamless pallet exchange with the ability to handle payloads of up to 15kg at 12 cycles per minute.

The semi-open palletiser integrates an advanced safety system for safe coexistence between the robot and operators. It will automatically slow down if an operator enters in the safety zone and only stop as necessary, which reduces unnecessary downtime.
The mainframe doesn’t need to be attached to the floor and can easily be moved. With Robot Config, it takes less than 10 minutes to design and load a new pallet pattern; no programming is required.
Both palletising solutions are available through FlexCAM in Australia and New Zealand.

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