Singapore wine opportunities

A recent review of liquor duties has led to changes in Singapore’s alcohol taxes, creating extra opportunities for low alcohol wine exports.

Wines are now taxed according to their alcoholic content, rather than at a flat rate of S$9.50 a litre.

Of most relevance to Australian producers are changes that will reduce wine taxes. A 750 ml bottle of wine with 10% alcohol will have an excise tax of S$5.25, for instance, compared with the previous flat tax of S$7.125 — a saving of S$1.875.

A 750 ml bottle of wine with 7% alcohol will be taxed at S$3.675 (a reduction of S$3.45), and one with 11% alcohol will be taxed at S$5.775 (a reduction of S$1.35). A 750 ml bottle of wine with 13.5% alcohol will be taxed about the same as before.

The changes may create opportunities within Singapore’s highly competitive wine market for Australian exporters of low-alcohol wines.

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Toh Guek Hong

Austrade Singapore

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