Single and multipoint lubricators

Alemlube offers a range of single and multipoint lubricators that are suitable for use with the conveyor systems and remote greasing points used by food and beverage manufacturers.

Lubrication is an important consideration for operations wishing to optimise machinery life and minimise downtime. A good lubrication strategy can translate into a better functioning operation and, ultimately, growth.

Unfortunately, in reality, maintenance budgets are often not high enough to accommodate such strategies. Despite the fact that more than half of bearing failures in the field are caused by either inadequate lubrication or improper lubrication and contamination, too often not enough attention is paid to high-quality, well-functioning lubricators.

The good news is that unlike overload, installation errors, storage and handling errors, in most cases bearing failures due to inadequate lubrication and contamination are preventable.

Bearings are high precision components that need lubrication to prevent metal-to-metal contact, which results in wear and failure. They also need to be protected to keep water and contamination out, which also leads to wear and failure. The best way to achieve both of these essential operating goals is to regularly grease all the bearings.

It can be difficult to find the right way, the right time, and the right amount to lubricate while determining what the best lubrication solution is for your machinery because optimum lubrication practices require skill, time, manpower and money.

Alemlube automatic greasing systems take the guess work and worry out of the equation in determining a solution. The result is a combination of precise lubrication, systematic lubrication management, safety in potentially hazardous environments and long-term cost benefits.

In particular, the Pulsarlube range, solely distributed by Alemlube in Australia, utilises patented cutting-edge microprocessor technology resulting in one of the most innovative and reliable automatic single and multi-point grease (and oil) lubricators on the market.

Pulsarlube M series

The Pulsarlube M series is available in four models, with capacities of 60, 125, 250, and 500cc.

The units are primarily designed to compensate the performance of conventional gas type automatic grease lubricators. They also offer advantages in terms of cost competitiveness and user friendliness.

They consist of a vertical self-priming pump, microprocessor control system, and large LCD display. They are ideal for applications where considerable back pressure in lube line exists, a precise lubrication is required, or a disposable gas type lubricator is not economical.

They feature pump grease up to 60 bar and are not affected by temperature or bearing back pressure.

These lubricators are reusable and refillable via service packs (bladders and batteries). They can be mounted up to 6m away from the bearing and can supply up to 8pts via a progressive divider block. In addition, they feature an easy-to-read LCD display with bearing blockage alarm time remaining till empty.

Simply, by installing the unique M Series electro-mechanical type lubricators, the user will not only benefit by long term cost savings but also by having precise and systematic machinery lubrication management throughout the entire plant running cycle.

Pulsarlube E series

The Pulsarlube E Series of lubricators (pictured) are highly cost effective and simple to operate. They are resistant to temperature variation due to Nitrogen gas generation compared to a Hydrogen gas type lubricator, which means the volume and amount of gas remain constant. Easy to install without the use of tools, they feature an instant on and off function. Adjusting of the dispensing period while in operation is not only possible, but simple.

The circuits and parts of the E series lubricators are designed based on the energy limitation concept by adopting a non-sparking, explosion-proof structure that keeps an electrical device from sparking an explosive gas whether it is working under normal or certain abnormal condition.

The E Series lubricators are highly reliable and can be relied upon to deliver the required and set volume of grease to machinery.

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