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Single O introduces its first Ready-To-Drink canned coffee

Single O has announced the launch of its first ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee in a can - Iced Latte Pilot Can.

Wholesaler and cafe company Single O has announced the launch of its first ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee in a can – Iced Latte Pilot Can.

The brand’s first awaited RTD is now available online and via Single O’s key wholesale partners, with just a limited run of 8,000 cans available. And in Single O’s playful style, the can asks its audience – café loving Aussies – if they think great coffee should fly in a can too (alongside coffee made by their local baristas, of course!).

“We reckon people will love the taste of our Iced Latte! Our numbers of Iced Latte orders in our Sydney and Tokyo cafés over the last year have doubled. So much so that we’ve put it on our Coffee On Tap bar, and it’s the number 1 seller,” said Dion Cohen, co-founder of Single O.

“So we’re very pumped to put it in a can now too, and to test when and where people will enjoying their specialty coffee in a can, as well as from their local baristas. (Who’ll be selling it.) Bring it on!”.

It’s taken heaps of time tweaking recipes to make sure the cans tastes just as good as the Iced Latte on tap, but once again Single O has captured high quality and delicious taste in a convenient format.

Prior to the can, Parachute drip coffee bags was Single O’s first foray into convenience coffee.

Taking the same high quality beans that they deliver to cafes, and specially preparing them to deliver a specialty coffee experience for travel, Parachutes have become one of the best sellers on their online store and in their cafes.

Now, what started out as a pilot project fuelled by customer demand is launching in the same way – with Single O inviting customers to share their feedback and decide the fate of their new brew format.

“We’re launching with a limited run of only 8000 cans available, and have a QR code on every single one, inviting customers to take a survey and to help us answer the question, does coffee in a can fly?” said Cohen.

Single O’s Iced Latte Pilot Can is made with one shot of coffee blended with Alternative Dairy Co oat milk, giving moreish flavours of ripe berry and chocolate with a malty sweetness.

Available in 4 packs or slabs of 16, Single O’s Ice Oat Latte Pilot RTD is available here and via key wholesale cafe partners.

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