Single stage helical gear unit

NORD Drivesystems has extended its successful NORDBLOC.1 series with a single stage gear unit for applications with high speeds and torques.

The new single stage NORDBLOC.1 helical gear unit from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS was specifically designed for applications with high speeds and torques. The gear unit is especially robust, efficient, quiet and compact.

The new NORDBLOC.1 helical gear unit features ultimate efficiency, high torsional rigidity, low running noise and a long service life. In addition, it meets even the most stringent hygiene requirements thanks to its wash-down design. These innovative gear units do not have any separating joints or closing caps, this increases the stability of the product and at the same time provides a smoother surface on which neither liquids nor solid materials can accumulate.

The FEM-optimised UNICASE housing ensures maximum strength and rigidity. In addition to increased rigidity the internally reinforced design also ensures especially quiet running. All bearings and seal seats are contained within the casing to help eliminate joints which can weaken the housing and allow for oil leakage.

Bores and mounting faces are machined in one step, enabling extremely precise tolerances — thus ensuring accurate positioning of gear teeth, bearings and seals – and an overall longer life for all components. The housing is made from high strength, corrosion resistant aluminium and is therefore especially lightweight and robust.

Martin Broglia, Managing Director of NORD DRIVESYSTEMS says that the new edition to its already comprehensive range is welcomed to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. “In addition, NORD offers added options for this unit such as nsd tupH surface treatment for more protection,”

“The smooth, easy to clean housing makes the NORDBLOC.1 gear unit particularly suitable for users operating in hygienically critical sectors such as the food or pharmaceutical industries. These gear units are generously dimensioned and can withstand large radial and axial forces,” said Broglia.

A big benefit of the large bearings is the larger diameter of the internal shafts, which increases the bearing strength. The gear wheels are made from case-hardened steel and permit high short-term overloads.

The new NORDBOLOC.1 is available in five sizes with motor powers from 0.12 to 7.5 kW for output torques of up to 280 Nm. All variants are available as flange mounted (B5 or B14) or foot/flange mounted versions. Options for IEC and NEMA motor mounting as well as a wide range of equipment variants for shafts, bearings and lubrication can be flexibly implemented.

“The NORDBLOC.1 series truly strengthens our customer offering as its robust, efficient, quiet and compact. We have created a reliable and economical drive solution for pumps, mixers and fans, as well as for conveyor technology applications,” said Broglia.


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