Slim Secrets secures China deal

Slim Secrets

Slim Secrets, an Australian healthy snack brand, will continue its global expansion into China following the signing of a strategic agreement in Shanghai with Chinese company Sunjoy Marketing and Trading.

Already available in over 15 countries around the world, the China deal is a milestone for Slim Secrets as it moves into its next major growth and development phase. Slim Secrets Founder and CEO Sharon Thurin sealed the agreement with Sunjoy following the brand’s participation in the Sial Trade Show.

The brand will launch an aggressive China marketing plan this month featuring a collaboration with Avril Lavigne, one of the most influential western personalities in China, who appears in a video on China’s Weibo social media platform.

“We have had an incredible response to our brand in China,” said Thurin.

“The agreement with Sunjoy gives us access to a full range of sales channels with national distribution, not just in traditional consumer channels but the health sector as well.

“We have also had the likes of China 7Eleven, Costco and many others potentially interested in working with us over there as a result of the Sial trade show.

“Our investment into our marketing – and especially with our influencers and soon to start Chinese campaign – was the attractive tipping point for many of these interested companies.”

Within Australia and internationally, Slim Secrets – which began as a small, family-run FMCG company operating from Melbourne – is acclaimed for its wide distribution and brand recognition.

Slim Secrets’ strategic partnership with Sunjoy Distributors will officially commence in July 2017 following a close collaboration with The Export Group, who led the growth of Weet-Bix in China.

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