Smalte Conveyor Solutions collaborates with Nord Drivesystems to deliver

Smalte Conveyor Solutions recently supplied a quote for 23 stainless conveyors used to carry dips and spreads from a production area into a packing area – and then into an HMPS Case Packer.

Rob Winterbottom, Smalte Conveying Solutions Sales Manager, said that the initial quote was out of the client’s budget but that the team approached the job in a slightly different manner to best satisfy the customer’s needs.

“We decided to split the system into stainless steel in the production area and aluminium conveyors in the packing area which provided significant cost benefits to the client,” he said.

During the time of quoting, Smalte Conveying Solutions was visited by the team at NORD Drivesystems who advised them on an alternative to its competitors. “During the meeting, NORD’s nsd tupH geared motor with its sealed surface came up and I immediately saw this as a match for a client with very stringent hygiene requirements,” said Winterbottom.

In identifying the opportunity, NORD’s nsd tupH drive ticked all the boxes for the client’s production area such as; a cleaner design with the added benefit of using standard flanges in case of urgent breakdowns and availability of parts, and its suitability to harsh wash-downs.

“We met with our client and suggested the use of NORD’s drives for their application. The client could immediately see the benefits and awarded us with the contract on the same day,” said Winterbottom.

Thirteen conveyors were provided in the first stage with a second order received for an additional 11 conveyors. “All new Smalte Conveyors will now be supplied with NORD geared motors with the nsd tupH surface protection throughout the facility for standardisation purposes. We have a happy client and we are also very happy with the performance of these drives thus far,” said Winterbottom.