The SMART Digital range: A solution for all dosing applications


Whether your job is to ensure safe pool water or to add coagulants in complex industrial manufacturing processes, you know that dosing pumps are an important part of the process. You probably also have some strict requirements that need to be met.

Chemicals must be dosed accurately so you can avoid overdosing, spillage, and soaring costs. Pumps must be tough and reliable, but still user-friendly, so you get dependable and safe processes, especially when hazardous chemicals are involved. Pumps must be energy-efficient, and must require minimal service and maintenance, so you can control operating costs. And if you need to handle many different installation sites, perhaps even in many different countries, you need pumps that are flexible and easy to configure.  

Fulfilling all requirements 

The SMART Digital range of diaphragm dosing pumps from Grundfos gives you all of this, and more. Covering flow rates up to 200 litres an hour, and output pressure ratings up to 16 bar, the SMART Digital range delivers reliable, safe, and cost effective dosing in any application across a wide selection of businesses, with industry-leading user friendliness and flexibility. And the advanced monitoring and self-analysis features offered by several control variants provide intelligent process control that looks beyond the pump and keeps an eye on the entire system for you. 

A complete package 

The SMART Digital range comes with a wide selection of accessories such as installation kits, signal cables, and dosing tanks that make it even easier to customise the pumps to any application. SMART Digital pumps have very long service and maintenance intervals, significantly lowering pump life-cycle cost and contributing to disruption-free, reliable dosing performance. 

And when service is needed, our tailor-made service kits ensure optimal service that keeps pumps running in top condition for years. In short, the SMART Digital range offers a complete package of dosing solutions for any business. Including yours. 


  • Superior technology since 1999 
  • Taking the challenge out of challenging liquids 
  • Several control variants.



Stepper and permanent magnet synchronous motor technology with optional flow control features make it possible for the SMART Digital range to achieve market leading dosing accuracy. The SMART Digital DDA-FCM, for example, deviates less than one percent from the set point at flow rates from 50 ml/h and up 

Safe and reliable 

The unmatched accuracy of the SMART Digital pumps minimises spillage and contributes to safe operating procedures. Several control variants provide auto-deaeration, monitoring, and self-diagnosis features that improve installation safety and reliability. 


High turn-down ratio. Wide supply voltage range. Mounting plate. Adjustable control cube. These are just some of the features that make the SMART Digital range flexible enough for any application. Pumps can quickly be reconfigured and assigned for new tasks in response to changes in demand. 


From intuitive wheel and button interfaces to clear, backlit navigation menus available in well over 20 languages, SMART Digital pumps are very easy to set up and operate. With many control variants, calibration is not necessary, and you can trust the pump to do its job – or warn you in case of problems. 


Robust pump components such as the full-PTFE diaphragm provide thousands of hours of reliable operation before service is needed. Several control variants make external flow meters and pulsation dampeners unnecessary, and the great dosing accuracy and energy efficiency save chemicals and power.  

The Smart Digital Dosing is suitable for: 

  • Fertigation and Chemigation 
  • Commercial water disinfection 
  • Drinking water treatment 
  • Desalination 
  • Industrial heating 
  • Wash and clean 
  • Industrial water supply 
  • Industrial wastewater 
  • Wastewater treatment 

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