Smarter, lower cost, lower emissions cold storage – made possible by Maestro!

Beca has announced a powerful new digital solution to help the owners of industrial cold storage refrigeration systems optimise their operations, for lower energy costs and carbon emissions.

This game changing process optimisation tool developed by Beca – Maestro – can unlock significant carbon emission and energy savings of up to 15%. It does this via an intuitive user interface that allows industries heavily reliant on cold storage refrigeration to view data from their plant and equipment, before using machine learning technology to identify process and control improvements.

Adrian Dickison, Maestro founder says, We know cold storage is by nature an energy intensive industry and energy bills are typically the second highest cost, just behind the cost of labour”.

“Maestro was born of this challenge – a digital solution to give industries reliant on cold storage systems greater insight and control over their energy consumption. This allows producers to not only reduce their operational costs but also meet the challenges of reducing carbon emissions”.

Optimising the operational settings of cold storage refrigeration assets also means less wear and tear on expensive equipment, whilst providing valuable opportunities for producers/operators to gain further insights to make their plant work better overall.

Maestro only needs modest capital outlay and minimal to zero new equipment or changes to an existing plant’s infrastructure for it to work effectively. This makes it more accessible to more industry players, from multinational businesses through to smaller local brands.

Adrian Dickison commenting on the low barriers to entry for smaller producers, said “Maestro will work while you do. It seamlessly integrates with your existing assets, giving you immediate results, without the need to invest in expensive new equipment… even better, it won’t disrupt your existing operations either.”

Beca has worked with the cold storage industry for 30 years, and we’re passionate about increasing efficiency and environmental sustainability for all players.

From lower costs, lower carbon emissions and minimal capital outlay, we’ll partner with your business to improve your industrial cold storage operations, because we’re better together!

For more information on Maestro, visit our website . You can also learn more about Beca’s full suite of Digital Services to help make your everyday better here!

About Beca

Beca has been in Australia for more than 50 years and is well versed in the wants and needs of industries, especially the food and beverage arena.

“We live on solving our clients’ problems. We live on helping business,” says our Business Director for Industrial Clients – Rhys Davies. “While our roots are in engineering, we are so much more than that now, from engineering, project management to advisory. But at our core, we are problem solvers. We have a long history of extended partnerships with our clients, watching them change, grow and succeed. We recognise the value of delivering better together, of partnership, and we look forward to seeing the Australian food and beverage sector flourish in a post-COVID world.”

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