SMC introduces innovative wireless fieldbus system

SMC wireless fieldbus unit, the EX600-W is a decentralised solution is EtherNet/IP and PROFINET compatible, can withstand electric noise and is suitable for harsh, industrial environments.

This wireless and decentralised fieldbus system can manage both digital and analogue signals, as well as pneumatic products.

In addition, the EX600-W is unaffected by other factory noises and is suitable for environments such as automotive and welding workshops. As a reliable unit, it makes use of frequency-hopping techniques to prevent interference from other wireless equipment. Data also encryption stops unauthorised access.

As a wireless unit, the number of cables and connectors are also cut to minimise installation, modifications and maintenance time. The risk of disconnection and circuit breakage is also reduced to both performance and productivity.

The EX600-W offers operational flexibility as it can be positioned pretty much anywhere and this is suitable for those working with moving parts, such as rotary and indexing tables and robotic arms.


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