SMC makes automation solutions available at AUSPACK 2019

SMC prides itself on providing complete solutions. The company’s range extends beyond pneumatics to include chillers, dryers, ionizers, pressure boosters, regulators and more.

Recognising the importance of dry air in a factory environment and the havoc that moisture can cause, our range of refrigerated air dryers are a cost-effective means of providing air with pressure dew points of 3 to 10°C.

This meets the requirements of ISO 8573-1 moisture classes 4 to 6 and all of SMC’s refrigerated air dryers feature compact and quiet construction, stainless steel heat exchangers, Montreal Protocol-compliant refrigerants and low pressure drops. The IDFA series meets various regional requirements in standard inlet temperature designs as well as high inlet temperature models. Accessories and servicing of dryers is available too.

Refrigerated air dryer – available in a range of sizes (IDFA series)

  • Ambient temperature: Max. 25℃
  • Inlet air temperature: Max. 35℃
  • New IDFA models are suitable for high-temperature environments (Max. ambient temperature 45℃) available soon

Refrigerated air dryers are of particular use in the food and beverage industry. It is often found in food production and packaging machines to ensure high-quality food products which have zero tolerance for impurity.

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