SMC to present at Foodtech Packtech 2021

SMC Corporation Australia/ New Zealand will showcase its technology at the upcoming Foodtech Packtech event in New Zealand.

Foodtech Packtech will open its doors to industry at the ASB Showgrounds in Auckland from 13 to 15 April 2021.

“The past year taught us to embrace change,” says Shyam Suresh, Acting Branch Manager for SMC Auckland. “Ensuring a flexible approach to our day-to-day business operations – particularly on the factory floor – has proven to be a huge competitive advantage for companies operating in the manufacturing sector. And this is where SMC comes in.”

SMC will launch its latest campaign entitled ‘Smart Steps to Flexible Manufacturing’ at this year’s show.

“Contrary to popular belief, taking incremental steps toward your digitisation journey can make the biggest difference and will greatly assist in ‘futureproofing’ business operations,” Shyam says.

Rather than upgrading entire systems, the team at SMC will show that there are smart and affordable decisions that one can make.

“Upgrading your production to become smarter can include steps towards energy savings, newer technologies and/ or improving remote access capabilities for improved efficiencies and reduced downtime,” Shyam says.

Wireless technology, smarter vacuum systems, improved air filtration, Industry 4.0 solutions, robotic end effectors as well as safety communication technology and components are just some of the ideas that can be considered.

Shyam notes that a big drive to launch this campaign is the need for reshoring. “Customers want to produce locally made products to compete on a global stage and to ensure shorter supply chains. SMC is assisting customers around the country with their requirements and offers special engineering and design, virtual (and hands-on) support, high stock levels, shorter delivery times and latest technology to support local manufacturers.”

Shyam adds that Foodtech Packtech is the ideal event to showcase its comprehensive vacuum range which is receiving praise both locally and abroad.

“In terms of lightweight engineering, SMC will also use this opportunity to demonstrate how design and materials can be used to help to minimize the weight of the end solution – without affecting its performance. These innovations are especially powerful for robotic applications”,

Shyam says that there will be many new and old ‘favourites’ on show at the SMC booth. “We welcome visitors to join us at booth 2023 throughout the show.”

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