SMC to showcase energy saving products at AUSPACK 2019

SMC Corporation will  use AUSPACK as a platform to solidify its promise of cost-effective customer centric solutions to the market.

Energy saving has long been a focus for SMC whose Japanese roots has ensured lean manufacturing and Kaizen philosophy at the core of its business. Through its Energy Saving Customer Journey, SMC has helped customers around the country to realise tangible savings which benefit your bottom line.

Tony Randall, Head of OEM & key accounts for SMC Corporation ANZ’s Global Account Group says that energy savings combines quick wins with a long-term vision. “Your approach to energy savings should be holistic. Real savings don’t come from replacing one component and based on this, you need a qualified team to walk this journey with you – from start to finish”.

The process starts at the very beginning with the customer objectives. The customer may have a key objective when it comes to energy saving – what will make a difference to their bottom line? There are also energy saving targets to work to, and these are increasingly becoming more and more important and top of mind for businesses which SMC are dealing with.

SMC guides the customer through the various points on their machines which could benefit from energy saving components. Sometimes it is as easy as retrofitting a new more efficient product and this could mean ultimate energy and cost saving for the client. SMC assists customers to calculate the potential savings at each point. An energy efficiency calculator is available online to make this an easy process and products and then recommended.

From food and beverage to pharmaceutical and cosmetics, SMC’s team of experienced sales engineers walk the Energy Saving Customer journey with you and thanks to advanced R&D, our range ensures a customised energy saving solution for every requirement.

On Show at AUSPACK:

Some of the energy saving heroes on show at Auspack will include the following:

The Automatic Leak Detection System (ALDS) will ensure reduced maintenance and increased savings. The Automatic Leakage Detection System is installed on an OEM machine’s main airline, and integrated with the machine’s control software (PLC). When the machine is newly installed, the ALDS system will run the machine through a complete sequence, measuring the air consumption of each actuator, and confirming that there are no leaks or identifying any leaks present.

During an idle moment in the machine’s daily operation, the ALDS system can perform a “Leakage Detection Cycle”, operating each component in sequence again, recording the air consumption and using the data to identify each leak. Today, creating a competitive advantage by employing lean manufacturing principles is made simple by a supplier such as SMC. By partnering with a supplier who offers superior offerings and expertise, it is possible to realise significant benefits.

AR Regulator series:
Save up to 20 per cent in energy by reducing system pressure. The modular design of the AR series connects with other SMC air preparation equipment and it is suitable across a range of applications.

SY Valve Manifold series:
Known as one of SMC’s hero products, the new-generation SY series of valve manifolds offers a high flow rate with low power consumption in a compact design. With the food and beverage industry in mind and adhering to its stringent standards, the SY5000 series also includes a new IP69K manifold which is suitable for wet areas and can withstand wash down and cleaning.

AS-R Pressure Valve and A-SQ Valve Flow Valve:
Enjoy a cut in internal air consumption by up to 25 per cent when using the AS-R pressure valve and an AS-Q flow valve on their cylinders. Shorten the response time of the return stroke and harmonises stroke movements to prevent a harsh jerky start.

VMG Blow Gun series:
70 per cent of the compressed air generated goes into air blow applications. Improve your competitiveness and boost your bottom line with the VMG series to enjoy a 20% reduction in power consumption (when combined with an S coupler and Coil tube).

ZK2 Vacuum Ejector series:
Up to a 90 per cent reduction in energy with a dual-stage ejector for increased vacuum flow.

“We are excited to meet with visitors to the show and to discuss the potential that exists. Thanks to our comprehensive product range, we have no doubt that we can match any requirement,” Randall said.

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