Snack brand seeks investors

Whole Kids, an Australian certified organic and additive free children’s snack brand, is set to launch a $1million equity crowdfund with Birchal, inviting investors big and small to own a piece of the company.

A purpose-driven business and certified B Corporation, Whole Kids has turned its back on the traditional capital raise model in favour of crowdfunding as a way to continue building their brand as force for good and give their strong community a chance to be part of the next phase of growth.

The move aligns with the business’ mission to give parents more control over their children’s lunchboxes, providing them with the opportunity to be part of the growth of this iconic brand and support parents vote for more healthy options on supermarket shelves.

Monica Meldrum, Whole Kids Founder and mum-of-two has led the company for over 15 years, winning numerous awards for entrepreneurship and business leadership.

“2020 has been a challenging year for businesses around the world, but it has made us more committed to our mission and is why we are using a crowdfunding campaign to bolster our position. We see this crowdfund as an opportunity for our incredible community to be part of the next phase growth for Whole Kids,” says Meldrum.

The four-week raise will seek investment with a minimum $100 investment and funds raised will support Whole Kids as it accelerates its footprint both locally and internationally, as well as assisting with new product development and the expansion of its local team.

“We have lots of game changing innovations and plans in the pipeline, including the introduction of new product segments and we’re excited for both seasoned investors, as well as mums and dads who may not have invested before, to be part of this exciting growth stage,” said  Meldurm.

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