Snack-sized crumbles from Sara Lee

As more households in Australia contain just one or two people, and family meal times are becoming more fragmented and less routine, there is greater demand for flexible portions and immediacy. ‘Portionable Indulgence’ equals the justification to have a dessert on your own – not only on sharing occasions.

Sara Lee has responded to this demographic shift with a  range of portioned fruity Crumbles that can be ready to eat after just 75 seconds in the microwave.

These crumbles are a traditional favourite with a more visual and textural twist. The Apple Berry and Chocolate Crumble features apple and berries topped with chocolate biscuit crumb and white chocolate chips, while the Apple and Butterscotch Crumble features apple and caramel topped with biscuit crumb and chewy butterscotch pieces.


These individual desserts are now available in the freezer aisle of Coles (Apple Berry Chocolate flavour only), Woolworths (Apple and Butterscotch only) and Metcash stores nationally. Available in 4X100g packs.

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