Snake and spider enzymes to be potential food ingredient

DANISCO will be conducting research into the nature of enzymes derived from snakes, spiders and carnivorous plants.

Overlooked species can be key to discovering new powerful enzymes for use in everyday products such as food, Danisco said.

The research, expected to take four years, will be part of a larger project group, where the company was granted DKK 24 million from The Danish Council for Strategic Research.

“When a spider catches a fly in its web, it injects digestive enzymes into its prey to liquefy it. This makes it easy for the spider to devour the fly. The digestive enzymes are highly effective and we are very keen on looking into the dynamics of these enzymes,” Danisco genencor enzyme development, Charlotte Poulsen said.

Danisco claimed the highly potent enzymes may be used in for instance food ingredients and a long list of other applications in which enzymes can perform their function as process catalysts.

“Enzymes that make processes more efficient, also make them less energy intensive. For instance, doing your laundry at lower temperatures also saves electricity and reduces carbon emissions,” Poulsen said.

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