Soda Stream ad banned from Super Bowl [video]

An ad for the home soft drink maker, Soda Stream, was banned from airing during the Super Bowl because it pokes fun at the game's major sponsors, Pepsi and Coke.

TV network CBS didn't run the 46 second ad, and the man behind Soda Stream's campaign, Alex Bogusky, has his suspicions as to why, reports the Daily News.

"Soda Stream has the right to show competitors," Bogusky tweeted. "So I wonder why this Superbowl spot was rejected? Pepsi half-time show?"

The cheeky Soda Stream ad, which has over 4 million views on YouTube, shows delivery drivers for Coke and Pepsi pushing carts of their soft drinks before the bottles explode, while at the same time a man make his own Soda Stream drink in the comfort of his home.

Despite CBS's decision not to run the ad, another Soda Stream ad was aired during the Super Bowl, with no mention of their competitors (or the big game's sponsors).

Biscuit brand Oreo also advertised during Sunday's game, even putting together an ad during the unexpected power black-out, which read 'You can still dunk in the dark."



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